2.5 inch nozzle tips, 5 ct. For use with E-6000 Jewelry and Craft Adhesive, FITS 3.7 oz TUBE ONLY!

  • $2.99

********** PLEASE NOTE: These tips ONLY fit the 3.7oz tube of e6000, (not included with this listing, but available here) : ************


Get added control when applying E-6000 adhesive! These 2.5" long nozzles screw directly onto the 3.7 oz (110 ml) size E-6000 tubes. You can pierce a hole in the end for a super fine tip, but there are more ways than that to use these nozzles! If you look at the nozzles closely, you'll notice that each nozzle has 5 "steps" to it. You can cut one nozzle at each step (you get 5 nozzles- see how cool this works!) therefore giving you 5 different sized glue applicators. It's like having 5 different sized glue bottles all in one! (Glue not included)
5 nozzle tips

Cool tip for cleaning the nozzles:
there will be a little bit of glue left in the nozzle when you are done using it. Remove the nozzle from the glue tube and replace the cap onto the tube. Insert a small wooden dowel, Popsicle stick, etc. into the wet glue in the nozzle and allow to dry. Since the glue doesn't completely adhere to the material the nozzle is made out of, you can easily pull out the remaining glue, which is now stuck to the wood. Discard the wooden stick, or if you'd like to reuse it, just peel the glue off and keep it handy for next time!

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