2.25 inch gold plated stainless steel bracelet memory wire, 12 loops

  • $2.29

Have fun with The Bead Smith and create unique jewelry easily with this superior quality gold plated memory wire. Use your rare beads for a one of a kind look or select pearl-like beads for a more elegant bracelet. This larger bracelet wire has a 2.25" loop and is .025" thick (approximately 22 gauge). The last photo shows all three sizes of bracelet memory wire I carry.
12 loops

This item is also available in my shop in a 1 oz. package.

Basic directions:
Cut your length (normally 2 to 6 loops), curl one end, slide your beads onto the memory wire, then loop the last end and you're finished. Easy!

* Curl the ends up, away from the center
* Use spacer bars to create a band or cuff effect

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