2.125 inch Big Eye/ Wide Eye needles, 4 ct.

  • $2.99

These 2.125" needles are fabulous! You can use them with almost every type of stringing material available on the market. (Not for use with stainless steel wire). The flexible needle opens from the middle and is soldered together on both ends to grip your thread. They are so thin they will even fit through the smallest seed beads! The photos after the first photo feature their use with different materials, but the principle is the same: The second photo shows the needle strung through size 8 seed beads, a bugle bead, a 4mm cube bead, and an 8mm round bead. Also shown is the fluffy chenille yarn, 1/4" loopy ribbon, and 1/2" organza ribbon. I have used these for bead stringing, bead embroidery, cross stitch, with silk and organza ribbon, hand bead weaving, loom bead weaving, general hand sewing, and more!
4 needles

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