4mm silver plated clamshell bead tips w/ 2 loops, 36 pieces

  • $2.25

Have fun with the Bead Smiith and create unique jewelry easily! Use clam shells to attach your clasps to your cord. Simply slip your string through the hole in the clam shell and tie a knot or slip the wire through the hole and use a crimp bead to crimp the wire. Then, pull the cord or wire tight so that the knot is between the cups and fold the sides together. This type of clam shell has a closed eye for extra security. Tips measure approximately 6mm long when closed (loop included) x 4mm wide. Clam shell part is 4mm in diameter. Outer diameter of loop is 3mm, inside diameter is 1.5mm. Tip: Be sure to make the knot big enough so that it will not slip through the hole in the clam shell.
36 pieces

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