Size 8/0 rainbow finish transparent dark blue seed beads, 20 grams, approximately 350- 400 beads. Patriotic, school colors, Hanukkah, prom

  • $2.25

The beautiful rainbow finish on these beads allows them to be used with almost any other color and look great! They also pick up colors from any outfit a person wears with jewelry made from these beads.

PLEASE NOTE: these beads vary in size (which I love personally. They make for a beautiful, varied design!) All measurements are approximate/ an average of the sizes included:
14 beds per inch when strung, 1.5- 1.8mm stringing length, 2.5- 3mm wide, .9mm bead hole. These beads will accommodate up to 20 gauge wire.
20 grams (approximately 350- 400 beads)

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