6.5 x 4 mm silver plated cone memory wire ends, 12 pcs

  • $2.99

Tired of making loops to finish your memory wire projects? Then try these memory wire ends. Memory wire ends are basically half-drilled metal beads. These ending beads are glued onto the cut ends of the memory wire using a jewelry glue such as G-S Hypo cement. They can also be use to create headpins as they fit 22 gauge wire. 6.5 x 4 mm, silver plated metal.
12 pieces

* Lightly sand the ends of the wire to be glued.
* Use a glue such as G-S Hypo Cement or a metal epoxy to attach the beads to the ends of the memory wire.
* If using G-S Hypo Cement, I highly recommend allowing the glue to dry/ cure for at least 24 hours before use. Follow all directions for the adhesive you choose to use.

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